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What Is Top Dressing and How Can It Help My Lawn?

You may have heard of the benefits but what exactly is top dressing?

Top dressing is a tried-and-true method of lawn care that dates back centuries. In fact it goes all the way back to the inception of golf in Scotland. So what is it? Top dressing entails applying a thin layer of organic material over grass. This long standing lawn treatment is experiencing a renaissance in popularity, and Sharp lawn & landscape, LLC., is proud to offer it in our range of lawn care Services. Keep reading to learn more about top dressing in Central Florida and how it can help your lawn.

How Does Top Dressing Work? 

You might also see this practice referred to as a single word—topdressing—but no matter the grammatical choice, the process remains the same. A technician places nutrient-rich, organic material over your grass, typically a quarter of an inch thick. Top dressing is especially beneficial when paired with aeration. After Aerating Your Lawn, or without aeration, the top dressing material is distributed onto the lawn and spread out evenly. From there it begins to mingle with the grass and soil below through the process of raking or watering. As the material settles, the nutrients release into the existing lawn and provide a strong foundation for a healthy and lush lawn. With all the great benefits of top dressing your lawn, you may be ready to start right away! Not so fast, top dressing is not for everyone. It is a very labor-intensive process to do yourself. However, when you entrust a professional lawn care company in Florida like Sharp lawn & landscape, you can enjoy the benefits of topdressing your lawn without hours of physical work. In the Central Florida , soil can be especially sandy or contain a large amount of clay, both of which are low on nutrients and need to be supplemented with nutritional amendments.

Soils with a lot of clay are also often compacted and drain much more slowly than their sandy counterparts. Our soil isn't exactly the most welcoming environment for growing turf grass.

What Materials Are Used For Top Dressing?

Compost is the most common material used for top dressing. Although, not all compost possesses equal qualities. It varies widely in terms of both quality and cost. You want to use compost that is dark, rich, and fully “baked”. Rich compost contains a wide variety of highly decomposed organic materials. Be wary when buying commercial compost. Usually, this material contains mixtures of sand or soil. Always check to be sure the compost is compatible with your grass and soil before purchasing. 

In some cases, depending on the makeup of your soil, sand can be a good choice for top dressing. In fact, it is ideal for lawns that have heavy soil, such as clay because it helps with drainage issues. As we mentioned before, top dressing is best practiced after aeration This allows for the organic matter to fill the holes in your lawn and enhance structural makeup of your soil as they mix together.

The Benefits of Topdressing for Your Lawn

Topdressing helps increase and retain the soil nutrient, it helps the grass fight diseases and resist pests. It’s also useful for improving drainage, which will result in a thicker lawn. It decreases the chance of moss and weed infestations.

When you topdress, it helps break down thatch and grass clippings. It also allows the soil to retain moisture, especially during dry weather, and drains away excess moisture during heavy rainfall.

What Are The Advantages of Top Dressing?

  • Top dressing improves the biological composition of your soil by increasing the quantity of organic matter and microorganisms in your soil.

  • If your lawn is bumpy or uneven, top dressing creates a smooth surface that encourages the growth of dense, lush grass. 

  • Top dressing reduces the stress your lawn encounters from factors such as heat and foot traffic, and also provides the equivalent of a long-term, all-natural fertilizer. 

  • Topdressing your lawn can help solve drainage issues and improve nutrient absorption.

  • The all-natural material compliments and enhances your existing soil without chemicals. 

If you would like some more information or a quote for topdressing your lawn give us a call. 352-399-5877

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